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Aurora Martial Arts Classes

Beginner Martial Arts Classes Enrolling In October!

Aurora Martial Arts is A Fun, Fitness and Self Defense Program ALL in One!

If you want a COMPLETE self defense system that maximizes the physical and mental skills of self-defense, you’ll find it in the Eagle Academy of Martial Arts!

Our traditional Aurora Martial Arts program will focus on speed, strength and agility using a highly-specialized arsenal of close and long range fighting techniques.

At Aurora Marital Arts learn high-impact hand strikes, pressure point strikes, jump kicks, joint locks and throws to control your opponents and gain advantage through footwork, leverage and body positioning.

Best of all, when using these explosive combat moves and high-energy drills, you’ll whip your body into AMAZING shape!

Building Black Belt Leaders!

At Aurora Martial Arts we provide an interesting, high-energy belt program that uses a specialized mixture of karate known as Tang Soo Do and Hapkido (similar to Tae Kwon Do and stand up Jiu-Jitsu). Not only will you receive training lessons but you’ll hear about the history of the techniques and why they work so well.

As a result of Aurora Martial Arts, your focus and concentration get better, plus you get an awesome outlet to reduce your stress.

Fitness With a Purpose!

If you’re ready to take a physical and mental journey that teaches you to protect yourself in ANY situation, and removes the stress and strain of your busy life, look no further!

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